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PECU Array 2.0

As we at ICTIS are frequently saying, welcome to a new way of working!

The PECU arrays with which we are all familiar, whilst providing the necessary functionality, are not particularly efficient. Dialing in to them in order to retrieve the data log is somewhat slow, laborious and subject to connection problems. Equally, the data log size is limited; the array can only hold 28 events for each channel. Once old events have been superseded, there is no way to get them back. As the array owner, it is often difficult for you to access the data without recourse to third parties.

PECU Array 2.0 populated with Zodion SS6 Photo CellsWith our PECU Array 2.0, this has all changed. The data from the PECU array is held "in the cloud"; it isn't stored in the array itself but held securely in an internet database. Every event the PECU array detects is uploaded to our database within a few seconds of it happening and is never overwritten. Don't worry - we log the time of the event itself, not the time we upload it! This means that the array's entire history is available to you, not just the last 28 events.

Each PECU Array 2.0 is fitted with a GPS receiver so not only does it know exactly where it is (so your Meter Administrator can set it up accurately) but it also keeps time perfectly. The PECU Array 2.0 clock will never vary by more than 5 seconds.

Our light meter is something special too. At values under 1000 LUX, it records the light level of an event to 1 decimal place.

Array maintenance in simple too. We can retrieve the current status and location, and can reboot it by SMS; the light meter is easily replaced and/or re-calibrated. We can also update the array control software remotely.

With immediate on-line access to channel events, burn time and live status, everything about your PECU array is available at your fingertips.

People say that you don't know what you've had until it's gone. The reverse it also true; you don't know what you've been missing until you're given everything...